All bulletins are in PDF (Portable Document Format). To view you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in installed on your computer. The Reader can be downloaded at no cost from Adobe's site on the World Wide Web.


Customer Service Bulletins - The 1000 series are Customer Service bulletins describing EPC's services and policies.


Standard Delivery Guidelines

Expedite Options


White Papers - The 2000 series are White Papers which have detailed technical information about encoder related technology.

Important Considerations When Selecting Digital Encoder Outputs

A New Approach to Interpolated High Resolution Encoders

Applying Encoders

Shaft Loading and Sealing vs. Bearing Life Expectancy

Noise Effects on Signals

Noise Suppression of Differential Signals

Encoders in Inhospitable Environments

Accuracy of Encoders

Noise and Signal Distortion Considerations

Is a Modular Encoder Right for Your Application?

Gray Codes, Natural Binary Codes, and Conversions

The Basics Of How An Encoder Works


Technical Bulletins - The 100 series of bulletins describe EPC's technology and provide general technical information. The 500 series offer product specific installation and assembly information.

When to Choose the CE Mark Option

EPC Part Number Description
Index Gating Options
Sealing Options for Accu- Coders™
Effect of Mechanical Jitter on Accu-Coders™
Using Accu-Coders™ with Measuring Wheels
Specifying Output Types
Converting Between Single Ended and Differential
TB-111 M12 (12 mm) Connector Option
TB-113 Heavy Duty Housing Seal Upgrade
TB-114 Industrial Housing Seal Upgrade
TB-117 220C/230 Redesign to 225A/225Q
TB-118 A Comparison of Size 25 Encoders
TB-121 Guidelines for Shaft and Bore Tolerances
TB-122 What is an IP rating, and what does it mean?
775 Locking Collar Mounting Instructions
775/776 Clamp Shaft Mounting Instructions
9 Pin D-Sub Mating Connector Assembly
Adapter Cable Descriptions - 9 Pin D-Sub to 10 Pin Threaded and 10 Pin Bayonet Connectors
771 Mounting Instructions
260 Mounting Instructions
755 Flex Mounting Instructions
702 Flex Mounting Instructions
770 Mounting Instructions
Model 121 Installation Instructions
721 Data Sheet
RXTX - Single Ended Encoder Driving Long Distances
RXTX - Differential Encoder to Single Ended Device
RXTX - Single Ended Encoder to Differential Receiver
RXTX Repeater - Differential Encoder to Differential Receiver
LCA Installation/Removal Instructions
TR1 - Tru- Tractm Installation & Removal
Model 121 Dust Seal Insertion Procedure
Model 225 Flex Arm Kit Installation Instructions
Size 1.5" Mounting Instructions (Models 15 T/H, 755A)
TR2 - Tru-Trac™ Installation Instructions
TR2 - Tru-Trac™ Flexible Rack Installation Instructions
AGV Encoder Adapter Plate Installation
Magnetic Coupling Installation and Removal Instructions
TR3 - Heavy Duty Tru-Trac™ Installation Instructions
High Temperature Encoder Performance
Cube Pivot Bracket Installation
Understanding EPC's SSI Encoders
SA36/MA36 Installation Information
Versa-Pac Foam Layer Return Instructions
TB-532 Applying SPEC779 When Replacing Certain RENCO Encoders


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