型 號:TR3編碼器
價 格:0元
Encoder And Measuring Wheel Solution Integrated Into One Compact Unit
Spring Loaded Torsion Arm Makes Wheel Pressure Adjustments A Snap
Easily Installed In A vertical, Horizontal, or Upside-Down Orientation
Operates Over A Variety Of Surfaces At Speeds Up To 3000 Feet Per Minute
Integrated Module Simplifies Your System Design , Reducing Cost

FINALLY! An integrated encoder and spring loaded measuring wheel assembly available in one, easy-to –use, compact unit. The NEW Tru-Trac by Encoder Products Company is a versatile solution for tracking velocity, position, or distance over a wide variety of surfaces in almost any application. It’s spring-loaded torsion arm provides a simple-to-adjust torsion load, allowing the Tru-Trac housing is a durable, conductive composite material that will eliminate static build up. With operating speeds up to 3000 feet per minute and a wide variety of configuration options, it’s easy to see the Tru-Trac is the ideal solution for countless applications.

Common Applications
Web Tension Control, Paper Monitoring , Glue Dispensing, Linear Material Monitoring, Conveyor Systems, Printing, Labeling, Document Handling


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