型 號:TR1編碼器
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Encoder and Measuring Wheel Solution Integrated Into One Compact Unit
Spring  Loaded Torsion Arm Makes Wheel Pressure Adjustments A Snap
Easily Installed In A Variety Of Surfaces At Speeds Up To3000 Feet Per Minute
Integrated Module Simplifies Your System Design, Reducing Cost


FINALLY! An integrated encoder and spring loaded measuring wheel assembly available in one , easy – to – use, compact unit . The NEW Tru-Trac by Encoder over a wide variety of surfaces in almost any application. It’s  spring –loaded torsion arm provides a simple-to-adjust torsion load , allowing the Tru-Trac to be mounted in almost any orientation, even upside-down. The threaded shaft on the pivot axis is field reversible providing mounting access from either side. The Tru-Trac housing operating speeds up to 3000 feet per minute and a wide variety of configuration options, it’s easy to see the Tru-Trac is the ideal solution for countless applications.

Common Applications
Web Tension Control, Paper Monitoring, Glue Dispensing, Linear Material Monitoring, Conveyor Systems, Printing, Labeling, Document Handling


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