702 Motor Mount編碼器

型 號:702 Motor Mount編碼器
價 格:0元

Up tp 30000 CPR
IP66 Sealing Available
Mounting Flange Available With Boss


The Model 702 Mount Accu-Coder is a heavy duty, ultra-rugged, reliable, yet compact industry standard 2-inch diameter encoder. It is designed to withstand harsh factory and plant floor environments. The mounting flange with integral shaft and coupling, allows the 702 encoder to be easily installed on a motor or shaft assembly, without the need for additional brackets or couplings. With the ability to handle shaft speeds of up to 8000 RPM, and withstand the shock and vibration of high speed servo motors, you are sure to be pleased with the 702 Motor Mount Accu-Coder.

Common Applications
Servo & Stepper Motor Control, Robotics, X-Y Positioning tables, Machine tools


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