型 號:MA63S編碼器
價 格:0元
Standard Size 25 Package(2.5”x2.5”)
Durable Magnetic Technology
Servo and Flange Mounting
SSI and CANopen Communications
Proven New Turns Counting Technology-NO
Gears or Batteries
The Model MA63S Multiturn AbsoluteAccu-Coder is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications that requirean encoder with the capability of absolute positioning output, even in power-off scenarios. Its fully digital output and innovative use ofbattery-free multiturn technology make the Model MA63S exceptionally reliable.
The MA63’srobust and durable magnetic technology and available IP67 seal readily handlethe harshest industrial environments, including those with elevated electricalnoise. Available with several shaft sizes and mounting styles, the ModelMA63Sis easily designed in to OEM and aftermarket applications.

Common Applications
Robotics,Telescopes, Antennas, Medical Scanners, Wind Turbines, Elevators, Lifts,Motors, Automatic Guided Vehicles, Rotary and X/Y Positioning Tables



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